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I have an attribute named Suggestion, which has a data type of text in SQL Server database. When I populated this as a text or varchar(max), SSIS set it to DT_TEXT automatically. When this gets to cube, it failed to be processed. Interestingly, as varchar has a max allocation of 8000, when I set the data type to varchar(8000), the cube dimension was processed successfuly.


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I have a dimension with an attribute called Action which is in varchar(5000). When this gets added into the dimension, it gets assigned as WChar of size 1024. And of course when I tried to process the dimension, it failed with the following error:

errors in the back-end database access module. the size specified for a binding was too small resulting in one or more column values being truncated

It took  me a while to find how to change the size of the attribute from 1024 to 5000. I refreshed the cube data source views a few times hoping that it will automatically refresh the data size but it didn’t happen. I have had to manually change the data size. It is located under the Properties of the attribute of the KeyColumns (see below).


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