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I created a tester role in the cube with read permission. In the Cell Data tab, I have the “Enable read permissions” ticked, however, I didn’t specify the MDX to allow reading of the cube content.

When a tester browse the cube, the measure data all return with “#N/A”. To resolve this, untick the “Enable read permissions” or follow the following URL.




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I added 3 new columns into a fact table view that is used as the data source to populate the fact table in the data warehouse. When trying to refresh/edit the OLE DB Source data flow task inside the fact table SSIS package, it first crashed and would not open. I then reopened the package and this time it threw the above error.  The OLE DB Task has error output and non-error output defined in its Advanced Editor. The newly added columns were indeed missing from the non-error output.  To resolve this issue, once you managed to open it and see a list of columns in the OLE DB Source task, untick the newly added columns then tick it again. It should resolve automatically afterwards. If you can’t open it still, go to the Advanced Editor then add the missing columns into the External columns and Output columns.

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