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Thu, 26 Feb 2015 evening

The evening after Lofty’s passing was terrible. I was devastated. I decided to find peace in the Buddhist Society of WA (BSWA) that night. The place was closed, however, I felt very peaceful just by standing in front of the gate. I stayed there for roughly half an hour. As soon as I got home, I thought of Lofty and started crying again.

Fri, 27 Feb 2015

I took today off to grieve. I have taken my annual leave since last Fri.

I went to Belmont Vet at 10 am to finalise the bill and ask about settling the cremation for Lofty with Lawnswood. I bumped into Lawnswood staff named Gary who came to collect Lofty’s body. I then went home and booked Lofty’s cremation online. Cremation cost paid over the phone afterwards. I signed up to join CKD Lost forum and lit a candle for Lofty. Lit on 27 Feb 2015 at 11:50 am, which will last for 48 hours.

I went to BSWA to pray and find peace there in the evening. Still missing Lofty very much.

Sat, 28 Feb 2015

I went to BSWA for alms offering and also to retrieve Lofty’s photo from BSWA member, who has very kind to pass the photo to Ajahn Sujato for Lofty’s blessing (Wed, 25 Feb 2015 evening) before his death.

Sun, 1 Mar 2015

Still missing Lofty very much.

Mon, 2 Mar 2015 to Fri, 13 Mar 2015

Back to work. Still missing Lofty… Been reading CKD forum…

Feeling funny and weird for not having any animals around the house… I have also been looking at pet rescue website and reading up on cat breeds. Unsure if I am ready to adopt a cat… which breed/colour/gender to adopt??

Found this flyer on Facebook about Kitten Adoption Day on Sat 14 Mar 2015 from 10 am to 3 pm and was thinking of going there.

Sat, 14 Mar 2015

I decided to go to the Animal Protection Society of WA (APS WA) in Southern River on their Kitten Adoption Day. I arrived there after lunch. Wendy, the cat carer, showed me some kittens. I could not decide which one to adopt. I ended up not adopting but becoming a volunteer. Wendy also showed me the cats available for adoption. These cats are healthy hence are roaming around the garden. I feel happy to be around so many cats and peaceful there.

Sun, 15 Mar 2015

I went back to APS WA after lunch to volunteer. I met Carol, another cat carer. She’s been showing me around how to help out. While I was cleaning up the cat shelter, these two black and white cat had been following me asking me to pet them, which I did. I was still not ready to adopt.

Wed,18 Mar 2015

I saw this beautiful cat named Dakota on PetRescue website. She is a Russian Blue crossed with Ragdoll, aged 1 year 3 months located in SAFE Bunbury. I was contemplating if I should adopt her as I kept looking at her photos on the ad. My colleague, Kayla, encouraged me saying “Chin, she is so adorable! Take her!” And so I did. I emailed SAFE Bunbury via the website to express my interest at 11:43 am. I then later found out that Dakota was also available on Facebook and that one person had expressed her interest yesterday. I said to myself oh no, I may have been too late! I called SAFE Bunbury, which then said that Dakota was being foster cared in Dalyellup, a suburb next to Bunbury, and that the foster carer would be in touch with me later.

I haven’t heard anything after dinner. So I called again. I finally got a response from the foster carer saying that I was second in line! I said “Never mind, if Dakota is meant to be with me, she will be!”. Dakota’s ad was also on Gumtree.

Thu, 19 Mar 2015

I came to work feeling shit as I was disappointed that I came second in line to adopt Dakota. So I tried to forget it and decided not to adopt a cat that soon. To my surprise, Dakota’s foster carer called me in the morning and asked if I was still interested. Apparently, the person who was first in line wasn’t that interested. I quickly said  “yes yes I am still interested”.

Fri, 20 Mar 2015

Bought the 3-tier cat scratching post (only used once) for Dakota from Gumtree for $60.

Sat, 21 Mar 2015

I drove to Dalyellup to pick Dakota up 🙂 Adopted her for $160.

Sun, 22 Mar 2015

I went to APS to volunteer. Flash still followed me at the shelter… hehe..

Sun, 29 Mar 2015

I went to APS to volunteer. Flash still followed me at the shelter… hehe..

Sun, 5 Apr 2015

I went to APS to volunteer. Flash still followed me at the shelter… hehe.. Contemplating to adopt Flash..

Mon, 6 Apr 2015

I went to APS to volunteer. Someone brought in 4 kittens (grey tabby) aged 3 weeks old, very cute. They were shaking and hungry. Three of them knew how to eat wet food and drink water. The other one still didn’t know how to so the carer had to force feed this kitten with milk. I was helping them out and watching them. An interesting experience. They called people up looking for someone to foster these kittens, someone who is at home all day who can feed them every 2 hours.  I brought Flash home to see how he would get on with Bluey. They let me try him out for at least a month.

As soon as I arrived home with Flash, I put him to my bedroom so that Bluey didn’t see him. After a couple of hours, I carried Bluey to the bedroom for her to see him. She was not happy at all. She hissed and growled at him. She even hissed at me. I started to regret taking Flash home. I thought she needed a company, not realising that a cat is happy living on its own. I blamed myself for making her upset and stuff. It was very stressful. I then locked Flash up inside the shower and closed the shower door. I grabbed Bluey so that they saw each other but with a glass separating them. Bluey saw him and then backed off. I concluded that she would chase him but would not attack him.

I spent the night with Flash purring, cuddling me on my bed. He was so happy to be home with me. I had a mixed feeling. I didn’t sleep well at all.

Tue, 7 Apr 2015

I came to work sleepy, tired and sad. I had a feeling that my husband left the bedroom open and that Flash may already have met with Bluey but I pushed that feeling away.

When I got home, Bluey came to greet me at the door. Soon afterwards, Flash came downstairs. I was shocked and relieved that oh well, nothing could be done now. Let them meet and fight if it happened. Bluey no longer hissed at me at least but she still hissed and growled at Flash. No bleeding found so it was a good sign. She didn’t allow him to come closer to the scratching post.

Wed, 8 Apr 2015

Bluey slowly accepted Flash. She was alert and cautious, still hissing and growling at Flash. She chased after him then backed off. She let Flash sit on the scratching post, which was a very good sign. She still growled a bit at him. As a reward, I let her sleep with me without Flash that night.

Thu, 9 Apr 2015

Bluey no longer hissed or growled at him. They even slept side by side on the scratching post. 🙂

Sun, 19 Apr 2015

I went to APS for their Cat Adoption Day (adult cats for $100 instead of $150) and paid $100 to adopt Flash.

Sitting next to each other on the scratching post 3


Bluey still chase after  Flash but more like a play. She let him sit side by side on my bed now. Peace at last ! 🙂

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I decided  to write posts about my cats today.

It’s been 4 years and 4 months since she passed.

My Misty crossed peacefully on Sat, 18 Dec 2010 at 12:05 pm Perth time, succumbed to chronic kidney disease.

She was very weak in the morning. Only skin and bones. Gave her fluid and food as usual. She did eat a bit and go to pee but she got agitated if I was near her and all she wanted to do was rest and rest. She also started pawing at her mouth again and i saw a bit of blood on her lips when I woke up so she must have scratched it when I was asleep. There were not good signs.

I slept very lightly last night. Slept for a bit then woke up to check on her. She did the same. Slept for a bit then woke up to change position then tried to sleep again. Out of sudden, my gut feeling told me that it’s the time. But it was after midnight so I had to wait till morning.

I stayed with her till the end and it was a very quick sleep. She is now free of pain and suffering. No more needles and medications. She is now at the Rainbow bridge guided by angels to go to HOME.

Misty, my beloved girl, rest in peace.


Lofty and Misty

Mistys Urn

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Thirteen days after his passing, at last his urn returned home.

I feel so relieved that he is now home with me. His urn is beautifully and professionally crafted with his paw prints by Lawnswood. To my surprise, I also received a lovely poem and candle. Thank you to all the staff at Lawnswood.

Email content:

Sent: Friday, 27 February 2015, 14:36
Subject: Lofty Su 86958

Good Afternoon, Chin

Thank you for contacting Lawnswood Pet Crematorium and Cemetery.  We are sorry for your loss and aim to make this time a little easier for you.

We have made arrangements for Lofty as per your instructions and have allocated the pet identification number 86958 which is part of our strong focus on ensuring accuracy every step of the way.

As requested by you, we have taken Lofty’s paw print and a small sample of his fur.  These will be returned home to you with Lofty’s ashes.

The total cost for Lofty’s individual cremation and returning home to you in the M4 Classic Midnight Metal Urn with engraving is $380.00.

We will wait for you to call us with your engraving instructions for the metal urn.  I do need to let you know that the M4 Metal Urn can take up to 3 weeks to be received back from the engraver and I am unable to order the metal urn until full payment has been received.

Once full payment has been received we will contact you to make arrangements for Lofty’s ashes to be returned home to you.

Warmest Regards



Lofty Urn


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Lofty was diagnosed with CKD and hyperthyroidism in Jun 2014. He crashed in late Aug 2014, so I sent him to the pet emergency. Got him back home and started him on the subcutaneous fluid 100 ml every other day, which was then increased to 100 ml every day from Sep 2014. He had some good and bad days. He lost a lot of weight down to 4 kg from 6.5 kg. I have tried everything to keep him comfortable (felimazole for his hyperthyroidism, vetace for his CKD, ondansetron for anti nausea, phosphorus binder, plague off for his teeth, vitamin B12 injection for appetite stimulant, clavulox antibiotics, holistic kidney herb and powder, pumpkin/sweet potato mashes etc etc).

He was at stage 4 of CKD on 21 Feb 2015. He were much better a day after but yesterday he no longer responded to the medication and fluid. He started to vomit. He was weaker day by day. He hided away under my bed or under the dining table, only came out for food, water, litter or sun in the garden. He still acknowledged me when I approached him but he no longer liked me to carry him for too long. He walked for a bit then sat down or lie down. I could no longer bear to see him like this, so I decided to end his suffering.

My beloved boy, Lofty, I have enjoyed you to the fullest. I got you as a kitten from cat haven. I stayed with you till the end in my arms. You are now free from suffering, no more medication, no more fluid, no more blood tests, no more vet visits. But mummy is still missing you so very much… …you will always be in my heart… love you so much darling.. rest in peace..

Below are his photos taken when he was healthy…




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