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I thought my disk space was low so I cleaned up to have more space, as well as restarted my PC but the error persisted.

Googling found me the link below, which provided a solution to the problem.


  1. Do a cleanup of the hard drive
  2. Change the location for the buffer files by setting the BLOBTempStoragePathand BufferTempStoragePath properties of your data flow task


Thanks to the above blogger 🙂

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Apparently, if the Code is set up to be generated automatically, MDS does not allow you to delete the records in the entity unless an index is specified. However, the index size must not exceed 900 bytes. In my case, my index is over 900 bytes so a workaround has to be put in place i.e. by manually inserting the records into the staging table and specifying the import type = 6. Check the batch execution on MDS and you will see that the deletion works instantly.

insert into [MDS].[stg].[SkillRollupMapping_Leaf] (ImportType, BatchTag, Code)

select 6, ‘delete me’, code from mdm.[Skill_Rollup_Mapping]


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