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I have a report that hyperlinks to another report. It passes 3 parameters to that report. When I run it in Visual Studio 2008, I click on the hyperlink and the drilltrough report runs; however when I deploy it to the Report Server and run the report it does not run. If I click on the hyperlink…nothing happens.

The hyperlink is applied on one of the fields inside a tablix.  If I place the hyperlink on a textbox, it works in both Visual Studio and Report Manager. Is this a bug??!! I am yet to find out but for now, this solution meets my report requirement.

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Found this blog for the answer: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/sqlreportingservices/thread/2e2bce70-43f5-4e36-9432-12fb762ccffe

Put the dataset feild value in any textbox inside the report body ,then in the report header textbox put the expression as

ReportItems!<TextboxName>.Value ,where the textbox name should be the textbox you put in the report body having the dataset field value.

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Found the following blog with code snippet (below) that works:
Code Snippet


MEMBER [Measures].[Region] AS

  ( [Measures].[Sales Amount], [Sales Territory].[Sales Territory Region].&[10] )

MEMBER [Measures].[Product] AS

  ( [Measures].[Sales Amount], [Product].[Product].&[552] )









[Adventure Works]



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I have an existing cube built by someone else with dimensions and hierarchies in the dimension but notice that one particular dimension is not showing when I browse the cube. The rest of the dimensions are shown.
I decided to re-processed the dimension and cube but problem still persists. 
I then took another look into the "Dimension Usage" of the cube and found out that this particular dimension has been hidden. It’s Visible property was set to False. Set it to True resolves my problem.

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