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I have a report with 10 parameters and 8 of them allow multiple value selections and their default values are set to all (with all items ticked). When I run the report in BIDS it throws the above error complaining about Uri string being too long. After a bit of Google, one blog suggested to deploy the report then run it from the report manager/report server. Amazingly, the error is gone and I could run the report with no problems.




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I have a bar chart that may have up to 21 items and each item may have similar colours hence making it difficult to read. I have a table in my database that stores 27 colours. So for each item, it will have a different colour.

In order to assign this colour in SSRS, create a dataset (say its name is GetColour) that maps each item to the colour, then use Lookup function to assign the colour accordingly:

     Lookup(source_expression, destination_expression, result_expression, dataset)

My source expresssion will be the Fields!Item.Value

My destination expression will be the same = Fields!Item.Value

My result expression will be Fields!Colour.Value

My dataset will be the GetColour.

Hence my expression for the Fill series properties” will be:

=Lookup(Fields!Item.Value, Fields!Item.Value, Fields!ColourCode.Value, “GetColour”)


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I have a requirement to send an email out only when a flat file (text file) is not empty in SSIS. Basically, this text file contains data that have failed validations and therefore need to be trapped and resolved by the business.

So I have a Data Flow Task  in my SSIS package and invalid records are stored in this text file.

I need ability to check if this file is empty or not. To achieve this, create another Data Flow Task then create a connection to the flat file in the Connection Managers panel.

Create a variable to store the count of the rows. Use this variable as precedence constraint on the flow to Send Mail Task. If it is greater than zero, send the email otherwise block it.

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